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I'm going crazy now, geotjabeul su eopsi nan. They debuted on 25 March 2018 , and their fandom name is STAY.
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  • [Instrumental Improvisation] If life's a traffic light So I’ll show you my red light Sick and tired of being number two You don’t get things I should do Time dilation was deceit No permission.
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  • You know I can't leave you alone.
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  • 나무꾼은 어서 돌아가시오 여긴 나무랄 데가 없네.
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    Completing them one by one, I made it.

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  • Our hairstyle and our fashion Looks good to me I am used to being treated like an outsider An alien, I am that bold Funny, funny, if you laughed at me I’ll make crack even [?].
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    All I see is red lights.