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Dec 6, 2020 · Subscribe to downloadKievan Rus. By Burn.
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  • Rurik and the Kievan Rus.
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    Apr 25, 2022 · CK3 decided to remove Kievan Rus and instead became a Russia that never existed in the Middle Ages! The coats of arms of the trident were also removed from Kievan Rus and from the Rurikovich.

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    It's about the English notation of Kiev, which was recently changed to be closer to the Ukrainian language.

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    I think the Rus' culture should be a decision hybridisation, in 867, between the local East Slavic populace of Novgorod (the starting Kingdom of Rurik) and the Swedish/Norse settlers, as Rurik has been historically settled in Gardariki for at least 5-6 years *if I remember correctly*.

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  • By Burn.
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    gg/fQbbDpJ7cDTour & Tournaments sbarca sul canale!In questa (non cosi tanto) mirabolante avventura, vestiremo i panni della Kievan.

  • I've never liked the name Ruthenia for Kiev's kingdom tier title so I have changed it.
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    The Khazars are at the height of their power round about CK3's 867 AD start date.

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    The Caliphate of al-Rus: A Kievan AAR.